How does an apprenticeship in Germany work?

The dual training system in Germany consists of a practical training in the company and a theoretical training in a vocational school – a unique and internationally recognized combination. You can find similar training systems in Austria, Switzerland and South-Tyrol (Italy).

The theoretical training takes place once or twice a week, for the rest of the week you work in the company. In some cases, the theoretical lessons occur over a course of a few weeks (“Blockunterricht”), the remaining weeks will be your practical training.

Can I do an apprenticeship in Germany?

If you’re from the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland you’re allowed to do your apprenticeship in Germany without any further requirements. All you have to do is change your place of residency in the local city hall.

Applicants from other countries need to apply for a Visa at the embassy in their country. If you haven’t found a suitable apprenticeship yet, you can apply for a specific Visa, which permits you to look for a training up to nine months. During this time, you’re allowed to do an internship and you must cover your expenses without any social benefits.

Further requirements:

  • Proven accommodation
  • A recognized diploma or certificate about your school education or your professional history
  • B1 language proficiency certificate in Germany
  • Financial coverage of around 800 – 900 Euro per month
  • Health insurance

Which school-leaving certificate do I need?

You don’t need a specific certificate or diploma because every company decides what kind of qualifications it requires. In order for companies to compare your qualification with other applicants, you should notarize and professionally translate all your relevant documents.

How does the recognition procedure work?

All necessary information about the recognition process can be found on anabin. Here you’ll receive information about your qualification in comparison to the ones in Germany.

Which language skills do I need?

Your German language skills should be advanced (Level B1 and beyond) to simplify your life in Germany. The lessons in the vocational school or your practical training will be held in German. Furthermore, it makes your day-to-day life easier. Although most of the population understands and/or speaks English, it’ll be more comfortable for you if you know how to communicate in German.

How can I find an apprenticeship?

Germany offers over 300 apprenticeships in a variety of industries: from health care to manufacturing or the food industry. The process of finding the perfect apprenticeship in any industry is easy:

  1. Use our Search Engine with apprenticeships in Germany.
  2. Type in your preferred profession and city.
  3. Find out the details of an offer by clicking on “Anzeigen”.
  4. If you’re interested in a specific offer, click on the button “JETZT BEWERBEN” and you’ll be referred to the company’s website.
  5. Now you can type in your personal information and attach your application. That’s it! You’ve successfully applied for an apprenticeship in Germany.

Bonus: We can check your application for free! With our “Bewerbungs-Check” (eng.: application check) we look at the content of your application and correct the mistakes we find. Simply register to our site and send us your application.

More information:

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