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You've always wanted to study in a truly international environment?

Would you like to study abroad? You're multilingual? You would like to work in a group of students from different continents, and you appreciate their different cultures, beliefs and religions? You're also prepared to adapt to new challenges?

Then we have the top programme for you! Our MA.IB programme provides you with an exciting and challenging environment in one of Germany’s most bustling regions. Visit our website to learn more about the programme contents, contact us and find out about the professional careers of our alumni. We are look forward hearing from you.


The program covers marketing, financial reporting, business law and more, while also tackling current challenges, like leadership & organization. The degree program allows you to specialize in your field of interest, choosing from marketing, accounting, service management or human resources, and familiarizes you with the methods of academic research in business and management. At the same time, it broadens your knowledge: Most modules take an international perspective on the topics they discuss. Learning takes place in small international groups and includes group work and small projects. The program is taught completely in English.


The program aims to prepare students for challenging positions in multinational companies or in internationally operating public organizations. In particular, graduates are familiar with state-of-the-art techniques of international business and have acquired the leadership skills necessary for working in a cross-cultural business environment.
  • Professional competence
    Students increase their professional competence by deepening their already existing knowledge of business issues and by adding an international dimension to skills and tools acquired in their undergraduate business or management studies.
  • Methodological expertise
    They further develop their ability to apply quantitative and qualitative analytical methods to business-related studies.
  • Social skills
    Students further improve their competencies in self-management and team work, in particular in a multicultural environment.
  • Leadership skills
    Skills such as communication, motivation, and building trust in personal relations and organisations develop further.
  • Language and cross-cultural management skills
    A culturally diverse student group, one or two semesters spent abroad, and the obligation to use foreign languages prepare the students for the working environment encountered in multinational companies and institutions.


The MA.IB programme takes 4 semesters in total. MA.IB students spend their first academic year at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, where they are familiarised with the core subjects of international business. The third semester takes place abroad at one of our partner universities and is dedicated to the respective specialisation. During their fourth and final semester, students will work on their master's thesis either at the partner university or in Mainz. The program also includes an eight-week applied project, which is an internship / practical training period.


The MA.IB program enables you to acquire the skills needed in international business. It broadens your knowledge by adding a truly international perspective to your business education and prepares you for middle management positions. As a graduate of the MA.IB program, future employers will appreciate your ability to work in and lead culturally diverse working groups, and your willingness to be internationally mobile.

Master of Arts - International Business overview
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  • Voraussetzung: Abgeschlossenes Studium
    You are multilingual. You speak at least three different languages
  • Studienbeginn: winter semester only
  • Regelstudienzeit: 4 Semester
  • Studienabschluss: Master of Arts
  • Immatrikulationsfrist: offen
  • Referenz-Nr: AUBI-5162 (in der Bewerbung bitte angeben)
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