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Research Master in Nutrition and Metabolism

6200 MD Maastricht
The Research Master in Nutrition and Metabolism focuses on biomedical research and the relationship between diet and metabolism. You will receive a holistic understanding of the role of diet in the regulation of metabolic processes and the prevention of metabolic disorders. You will also learn how diet affects the following:
  • pre- and post-operative care
  • acute disease conditions
  • recovery and recuperation
  • palliative care
First year students will complete core studies and elective courses alongside skills trainings and will conduct research for the master’s junior thesis. In the second year, students learn to write a research protocol and execute their master’s senior thesis. Limited number of students In order to preserve the high quality of the programme, a numerus fixus of 30 has been put into place. This means that no more than 30 students will be accepted into the programme each year.
  • Studiengang: Research Master in Nutrition and Metabolism Research Master in Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Studiengebühren: 1672.00 €
  • Voraussetzung: Allgemeine Hochschulreife
  • Regelstudienzeit: 4 Semester
  • Studienabschluss: Master of Science
  • Referenz-Nr: AUBI-2808 (in der Bewerbung bitte angeben)
  • sonstige Qualifikationsnachweise


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6200 MD Maastricht
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