International Automotive Engineering (M. Eng.)

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International Automotive Engineering (M. Eng.)

Important innovations of recent years, carried out in the areas of engine control, comfort functions, driver assistance, infotainment or networking and communication, have been based on electrics / electronics. The automobile has become a complex system of various mechatronic technologies which still have to be adapted to individual needs but with a future demand of intensive use of intelligent connections between technology and communication. Among others the following perspectives point towards the direction to the kind of changes that are coming and that affects traditional OEMs and suppliers, potential new players, regulators, consumers, national car markets, and the automotive value chain. Electrified vehicles are becoming viable and competitive. Once technological and regulatory issues have been resolved, the percentage of new cars which are partly or fully autonomous will increase. Car manufacturers are seriously looking into researching technologies that would enable future cars to communicate with each other and with objects around them. These technologies will transform the way we drive and increase automotive safety dramatically.

In the field of automotive development, strong efforts should be made on national and international level to adequately prepare students for coping with the technical exigencies of future automobiles. Engineers with interdisciplinary knowledge in mechanics, electronics and computer science are particularly wanted. The Master-programme International Automotive Engineering (IAE) wants to impart dedicated engineering approaches for the development of automotive mechatronic systems and to give instructions for solving specific problems of developing automotive electronic systems in general as well as for vehicle safety systems specifically.


Compulsory modules and core areas
Procurance of knowledge and methodological competence in the areas "Computer based Development Methods" (lectures Mathematical Modelling and Simulation, CAx-Techniques in Automotive Technologie) and "Mechanical & Electronic Components and their Relation to Dynamics of Vehicles" (lectures Automotive Electronics, Power Train und Vehicle Dynamics).

Accordingly, two areas of concentration are offered: "Vehicle Electronics" und "Vehicle Safety". In both areas, technical and methodological skills for the development of correspondent systems will be taught.

core area "Vehicle Electronics"
Procurance of knowledge and methodological competence in the area of development of general electrical/mechatronic automotive systems (lectures Automotive Control Engineering, Power Supply and Energy Distribution,Automotive Communication Systems, Development Methodologies for Automotive Systems).

Core area "Vehicle Safety"
Procurance of knowledge and methodological competence in the area of development of systems for vehicle safety (lectures Vehicle Crash Mechanics and Biomechanics, Integrated Safety and Assistance Systems, Sensor Technology and Signal Processing, Testing and Simulation Methods for Vehicle Safety Systems).

Communication and intercultural competence
English as language of instruction and internationally composed groups of students encourage foreign language skills as well as dealing with cultural differences.

Job profiles

Basically, graduates will work as a development engineer for electronic/mechatronic systems of automobiles used to increase comfort and safety.
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  • Regelstudienzeit: 3 Semester
  • Studienabschluss: Master of Engineering
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