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Cruise Tourism Management (B. A.)

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Cruise Tourism Management (B. A.)

Die Tourismusbranche gewinnt weltweit immer mehr an Bedeutung und vor allem die Kreuzfahrt ist in den letzten 20 Jahren stetig gewachsen. Die Kreuzfahrtschiffe werden immer größer und durch die vielfältige Ausstattung mit Kartbahnen oder Riesenwasserrutschen zunehmend selbst zur Destination. In dieser lukrativen Branche zu arbeiten, erweckt bei Vielen großes Interesse, weshalb der Studiengang Cruise Tourism Management entwickelt wurde. Da kaum eine Branche so international ausgelegt ist wie der Tourismus, findet das Studium vollständig auf Englisch statt. Aus diesem Grund werden auch die Beschreibung des Studiengangs sowie alle Einzelheiten in englischer Sprache folgen. So let’s start!

The course Cruise Tourism Management aims to educate and qualify young people for management positions in the tourism and cruise sector – a constantly growing market! It is a unique 4-year undergraduate programme leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The course is taught in English and involves studies in the area of business administration, tourism and cruise travel as well as basic finance classes. One integrative component is a year abroad. Students can either study at universities or work in companies all over the world. During this time students gain fundamental in-job experience and improve their cultural understanding. After returning back to Bremerhaven, students can prove their gained skills within projects in cooperation with regional organisations. Cleary, this unique course is characterized by a student-oriented and innovative teaching style which involves lots of teamwork and small working groups. Having successfully finished the course, students get the qualification for 1-year Master programmes and can look forward to promising career opportunities.

Programme Structure

The CTM programme includes the following 8 semesters. Each semester consists of basic modules as well as one so-called integration module. The integration modules support the students' integration and application of the knowledge and understanding gained in the various basic modules. This is achieved through problem-based and project-based learning, a very powerful and effective pedagogy which gives a lot of control and responsibility to the students.

  1. Making Sense of Business: This semester provides a big picture of economic activity and decision-making, the functioning of companies, the business environment and management.
  2. Developing Product Offerings: The second semester concentrates on the market and customer-oriented development and management of products.
  3. Designing Activity Systems: Business models and processes, value chains and value networks through which resources are transformed into products are of special interest in this semester.
  4. Managing the Resource Base: The value and scarcity of resources as well as their efficient and sustainable use are in the focus of this semester.
  5. Broadening your Horizon: Experience one year abroad working for a tourism related company and / or studying at one of our international partner universities.
  6. Managing Business Development: The semester is concerned with corporate development issues such as business start-ups, innovation, strategy and organisational change. Additionally, you start your yearlong Consulting-Project
  7. Bringing it All Together: In your final semester you will bring it all together in writing your Bachelor thesis.

The yearning for distant lands - a year abroad

After studying for two years, students get the chance to transfer their newly gained knowledge into life outside the university. Both the 5th and 6th Semester are spent abroad – either studying in a foreign country or working for interesting companies. During this year students gain experiences which will help them not only to improve their academic skills but also to grow personally. There are two possibilities to spend the year: students can either study abroad for one semester followed by an internship or do two internships.

Option 1
Option 2
5th Semester
Example: TUI Cruises on board Mein Schiff 4
Semester Abroad
Example: Stamford International University Bangkok, Thailand
6th Semester
Example: German National Tourist Board Paris, France
Example: Greatdays Travel Group Manchester, UK

Applicants should ...

  • have a passion for tourism and cruises
  • be further interested in business and economics
  • be willing to study in a small group with a familiar atmosphere
  • be excited to work and study abroad
  • Studiengebühren: 392,00 € / Semester
  • Voraussetzung: Fachhochschulreife
  • Studienbeginn: Wintersemester
  • Regelstudienzeit: 8 Semester
  • Studienabschluss: Bachelor of Arts
  • Referenz-Nr: AUBI-3655 (in der Bewerbung bitte angeben)
  • siehe Website
27568 Bremerhaven
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